North Star HR Leads the Way

The celestial north star has been used for centuries to reliably point people in the right direction. Like our namesake, we guide companies on the best route to success in managing absences. We do this by uniquely and innovatively combining:

  • Expertise, and focus on absence management that is typically associated with third party leave management providers
  • Seamless integration, and a full-service solution incorporating value-added services usually only seen in in-house solutions

In our work, we also draw upon principles utilized in functional outsourcing: continuous improvement, metrics-driven performance management and quality process engineering.  That puts North Star HR at the forefront of innovation in the absence management industry.

What Guides Us?

Our philosophy is straightforward. To impact business outcomes, improve productivity, deliver the best customer service and provide the highest possible ROI, absence management solutions must be:

  • Truly Integrated – In order to close the quality cycle, solutions must integrate different leave types and processes and foster integration between all internal functions, vendors and other stakeholders.  Our on-site solutions allow us to become a transparent part of your day-to-day operations.  It is this internal integration that allows us to formulate a continuous improvement loop for absence management at a much higher, more impactful level yielding superior results.
  • Tied to Strategy – We always start by understanding your business strategy and absence management’s role before proposing any solution.
  • Customized – “Off-the-shelf solutions in a box” do not work. Each North Star HR solution is tailored to meet your needs and priorities and to work within your corporate culture.
  • Best in Class Design – We use proven quality-oriented processes and documentation design techniques to deliver best in class solutions.
  • Flexible – We can work with you in any number of ways…from design to the implementation of a fully outsourced solution.  As your environment changes, so do we to ensure that our processes and goals remain appropriate and our service relevant.
  • Practical – Our solutions are pragmatic and grounded in the real-world of business.
  • Focused on Outcomes – Our reporting and analysis of key metrics is geared to ensuring continuous improvement and excellent outcomes.

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